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Why LegacyFX is my Preferred MT4 Broker 

Clearly, I'm a great fan of Meta Trader, 5. I do have to acknowledge that at this particular time and for the foreseeable future Meta Trader 4 will still be in the platform for the retail training industry.

Many traders believe that the Metatrader 5 is just an upgraded version of the MetaTrader4 scenes. Meta Trader 4 for them is performing exactly the way they want. They know the system feel comfortable with it. They don't see the advantages that MetaTrader 5 brings to the table. This is OK.

This is where I also admit that I still have a few trading accounts on MetaTrader, 4.

I have these for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that still to my feeling some expert advisors are just performing better. I'm at least for me, at the MT4 (this is fully just a gut feeling but this is trading, and emotions and feelings are a part of this).

Another big reason I still have these accounts is that some brokers, which I Truly enjoy trading with, don't offer this trading platform as yet.

My Preferred Metatrader 4 Broker LegacyFX

One of these preferred brokers that doesn't provide Meta Trader5, but has an amazing Metatrader 4 version is Legacy FX.Legacy FX review | legacyfx preferred mt4 broker

Legacy FX Is offering free trading platforms? Not long ago this was 4, but at this moment there are 3. It's the web-trader in the mobile trailer, which is from the Legacy fx Sirix trading platform, which is developed in 2012 by leverate.

This is a good, solid, intuitive, nice, fast trading platform. My opinion, there's nothing wrong with this trading platform. this legacyFX  trading platform offers also a social trading solution.

Now, I'm not really much of a social trader myself, but some traders swear by it, they use it and see it as an additional indicator. Certain kind of social analysis next to the technical analysis and their fundamental analysis.  They use this particular feature to it to understand what the market is doing within the network of legacy FX. What the traders there are trading, and they follow traders that have proven themselves to be profitable over a longer period. Some are even copying these traders directly. And too much of a control freak for that approach.

Also, I am undeniably an MT4 or MT5 person.

LegacyFX also is offering metatraderTrader, 4.


  • Multiple Order Execution Types -Trailing Stops, Stop limit, and Market orders
  • Chart-Based Trading and Position-Keeping. Modify and optimize positions on-chart
  • Expert Advisors and Custom Indicators - Download or write your own advisors & indicators
  • Instant Response to Trading Alerts & Signals - Download MetaTrader-4 for free and launch your forex career.

This combined with their level of support and knowledge among the support staff, made and kept me a loyal trader there for last 18 months. One of the main features that kept me using their service Is there free forex signal service or as they call it a recommendation service.

For me the signals work quite well since I combine them with other services I am using. In together gave me enough information to make educated trades that were relatively profitable.

legacy fx broker | Legacyfx features

They offer a full service demo or practice accounts and they offer you can get an Islamic account for each of the accounts types, meaning that you can trade swap free.

One thing you should be aware of when you are trading with legacy effects. Is there they are not a cheap broker. There's spreads are little bit on the high side. And they offer 3 types of accounts. Minimum is $500 And then straight away jump to $5000 and $25000. The biggest difference among these accounts is the spread.

For example, see below the differences

LegacyFX mt4 broker | Legacy fx Spreads

One of the first thing that attracted me to this broker was actually the broker's website.

It's extremely informative and very intuitive and you find all the information you might actually look for. It's nice clean somewhat minimalist and well designed.

The Legacy fx login is in the right top. And all the rest is more like a mobile website and actually a desktop website. What's a website comes in 4 languages English, Arabic, Spanish and Italian.

LegacyFX Regulation.

It makes sense that they go for the European languages. For the simple fact that their Regulations is the European regulation Cysec.

Because of these when you open an account you are required to provide. Your compliance documents. This means in general, illegal identity bill, which is a passport or local domestic identity. Utility bill. In some kind of bank statements. They will explain you everything. Now you will notice process if you signed up with other regulated brokers because every broker pretty much requires it. This is also indicated for you to understand who you are working with.

As a conclusion I want to add this.

There is no shortage of MetaTrader 4 brokers. On the other hand. There is such a difference as professionalism and expertise. I found that this broker legacy FX. Gives me the feeling they know what they're doing. And that they are transparent and straightforward.

Below you will find a link of this broker, but if you can see this is not an affiliate link. So, if you plan to trade with the MT4 trading platform legacy FX is one of the better options and solutions out there.